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August 30, 2018

The Ohio Department of Higher Education has approved Shawnee State University to waive standard tuition rates for nonpublic high school and home school students who do not receive funding under the College Credit Plus (CCP) program.

CCP has been open to private and home-school students since 2015, but the newly approved tuition waiver at the state-approved CCP program rate resolution will provide additional educational opportunities to these students by allowing them to self-pay for up to 30 credit hours per year at a reduced tuition rate.

SSU’s Board of Trustees approved a resolution to authorize tuition waiver for nonpublic high school and home school students who were not funded under College Credit Plus for up to 30 credit hours maximum.

SSU will charge $41.57 per credit hour (the statutory floor) for students taking classes at their high school (A waiver of $265.27 per credit hour), and $166.28 per credit hour for students taking classes on SSU’s campus (A waiver of $140.56 per credit hour).
“Offering College Credit Plus rates for up to 30 credit hours per year to both home and private school students will expand access to low-cost, higher education for many prospective students in our region,” said Jeff Bauer, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at SSU.

Currently, SSU has 714 students that have been accepted into the CCP program for 2018-2019. Students come from 28 different high schools all across Adams, Lawrence, Licking, Pickaway, Pike, Ross and Scioto counties. The CCP program at SSU has grown over 100 students each academic year since it began in 2015.

“The tuition waiver will benefit the students by allowing them more accessibility to enroll in college level courses, and it will benefit the university since nearly half of these students stay at SSU to become degree-seeking students after graduating high school,” said Brittany Corsaro, College Credit Plus Academic Advisor. “Many of the students in our CCP program are first-generation college students, much like or degree-seeking students, so having an advisor specifically dedicated to the program to connect them to campus resources seems to have a positive impact. These students have a better understanding in making decisions about their majors while still in high school and are already on a path to success and graduation earlier than if they weren’t afforded the opportunity to participate in post-secondary education.”
The goal of the tuition waiver is to further the mission of providing low cost education opportunities for qualified nonpublic and home school students, and encouraging those students to enroll in college courses.

The next application cycle for a safe account (CCP application with the state) opens Spring 2019 and can be found at

For more information about the tuition waiver for nonpublic and home school students or the CCP program at SSU, please contact Brittany Corsaro at or at 740.351.3072.