Will Kosan began his college career pursuing a degree in Studio Arts, but after taking a class outside his major, he found that Shawnee’s Game Design program was a better fit for his interests. He loves being able to combine his creative art skills with the massive capabilities of today’s video game technology- and Shawnee gives him the resources to keep up with the ever-changing industry. Though he felt unprepared for the class-load when first starting out, Will worked hard to develop the skills needed to be a standout student.

“Set schedules for everything. Even if you keep stumbling, keeping things organized helps a lot.”

Will really loves the small class sizes Shawnee has to offer. Being able to really get to know his peers and professors gives him a network of support not typically available to students at large universities. He urges new students to take advantage of professors’ available office hours to dispel any questions or confusions that may arise on your way to success.

SSU Seniors in both the game design and game programming majors spend their last year working together to create a video game, and that game gets taken to conference at the end of the year. These conferences, such as GDEX in Columbus, allow students to network themselves to companies as well as show off their game development skills.

Shawnee State’s Motion Capture Studio Lab is where students simulate video game animation and fine-tune game movements. It offers you a competitive advantage in educational technology and will bolster your employability upon completion of the curriculum.



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