Gabriela Stevenson felt like she couldn’t truly express herself in high school, but the diversity of Shawnee has given her a sense of independence she never had before. She believes her decision to join the Straight and Gay Alliance club has given her some of the closest friendships of her life, and those friendships have helped her flourish both socially and academically.  On top of serving as Vice President of SAGA and working toward her bachelor’s degree of Studio Arts, Gabriela is also a member of the Student Programming Board responsible for planning weekly student events on and around campus. 

“We’re family, and we’re there for each other no matter what.” 

Students like Gabriela encourage new students to get involved - whether you plan to live on campus or commute from home. SSU offers more than 60 student clubs and organizations based on student interests, academic areas of study, religious or political affiliation, or shared passions. 

Gabriela always knew she wanted to go to college, even as an elementary student. Being a first-generation student didn’t deter her from the path to higher education, though she admits it did pose its challenges. Through the Upward Bound program and help from the compassionate faculty of Shawnee, Gabriella transitioned to college with no trouble at all. Many SSU faculty and staff are first generation students themselves. 

“It was nice to know that I had someone faculty-wise who understood what I was going through.” 

Have an idea for a club we don’t have? Start your own! At Shawnee State, we make it easy for you to connect with other standout students. 

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