All work requested through Printing Services must be accompanied by an appropriate account number and/or a signed photocopying requisition. Charges are submitted to the accounts payable office monthly.

Questions regarding your copying/printing charges should be directed to Printing Services at extension 3261.

Copying charges

Black and white copying provided by Printing Services is charged at $.05 per copy/per side while color copies are $.25 per copy/per side. An additional charge is applied for different sizes and types of paper and specialized finishing such as spiral binding, 3-hole punch, trimming, folding, padding, etc.

Printing charges

Printing costs are based on many factors such as design and set-up time, quantity, ink, and paper stock. Determine your budget ahead of time. If we know how much you have to spend on your publication, we usually can design and produce it within that budget. If money's tight, we'll work with you to produce a publication you can afford.

Before we develop a format and design for your publication, it is important for us to know its purpose and contents.

Please keep it as simple as its purpose allows. As you might expect, the more sophisticated the design, the greater the publication's cost.

Whenever possible, we prefer to print on campus because it is more cost effective, but occasionally the turnaround time is too tight or jobs are too complex for us to handle. The decision of whether to print on campus or off is made by Printing Services personnel. In certain cases, we are required to obtain competitive bids before we contract with an outside printer. This process must be handled through Printing Services.