Brooke Blevins has an interest in helping others, specifically children, to live the best life possible. By taking sociology courses at Shawnee State she is working toward a career in social work. She is a first-generation college student who plans to continue her education after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, moving to graduate school where she will receive a master’s degree in social work. Without Shawnee State’s sociology program, she wouldn’t have found her passion.  

“My advice would be to pick a major you love. Not just based on money, because as a social worker, I’m not going to be rich, I’m going to be happy on the inside. I think that’s more important than going to be a doctor just for the money or something like that.” 

She described the classroom environment like a family; they partake in discussion rather than a professor feeding information to students with a lecture. By discussing information that is taught, Brooke feels that she has actively learned more than she would have otherwise. Brooke graduates soon to a world where social work needs passionate people, just like herself. Her end goal is to open her own private practice, helping children and their families.