Natalie Marasek

Natalie Marasek is no stranger to Shawnee - she grew up in Portsmouth, has had several family members attend, and her mom even has a shop she can walk to from campus. She did post-secondary at Shawnee in high school while her brothers pursued nursing, and she knew following in their footsteps was what she wanted to do.

Natalie completed her associate’s in nursing and will be beginning her pursuit for her BSN. Having been through many nursing classes already, Natalie knows the academic workload is no joke - but being able to work toward her dream of critical care certification keeps her driven to succeed.

“It’s hard, but it’s so worth it,” she says.

If a future in nursing is on your horizon, Shawnee offers both an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in nursing. Natalie is taking the path of pursuing her BSN now that she has her ADN; which path will you take?

Wherever her dreams take her, Natalie knows that she is fit for success because of her Shawnee State University degree. Keep it up, Natalie!

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