Tanya Salyers has never stuck to the ‘traditional’ way of doing things. Her college career began at a large university away from home, but life had other plans for Tanya, and she withdrew from college to focus on her family. When she decided the time was right to finish her degree, Shawnee State just made sense.   

“I’ve never met a more giving group of people- of their time and of their knowledge. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them rooting for me.” 

Her time in college was only partly spent at SSU, but the school has had a much larger impact on her education. On top of taking post-secondary classes in high school, Tanya was enrolled in our Upward Bound program, which is designed to expand students’ math and science abilities and prepare them for university-level classes. Although she didn’t choose to pursue a degree in math or science, the enrichment courses and social events provided by the program allowed Tanya to experience college even before leaving high school. To learn about enrolling in Upward Bound, call (740) 351-3133.

Tanya chose to pursue English because she sees it as a foundation for endless opportunity. Since graduation, she has worked with Habitat for Humanity as well as the American Red Cross, where she volunteers in their communications team. She currently works at Overmyer Hall Associates as a commercial lines assistant client manager, making new connections and honing her skills every day. Tanya is just one example of how you can use your Shawnee State University degree in unique and exciting ways - and we can’t wait to see how you’ll use yours.