Matthew Burton has always loved science, so much that he tried out a few different science majors before choosing geology. Shawnee State offered him the opportunity to gain experience in his field, and he was knee deep in a cave in his first geology course. He was also able to work with professors publishing research and attending national conferences. Although Matthew spent his first few years second guessing what he was good at, he pursued geology and pushed through, allowing him to become an excellent geologist. The professors and general classroom environment made such a large impact on Matthew’s life, that he is now attending graduate school to later become a professor in geology.  

“The staff is super well trained, really well qualified, just friendly, good faculty. I’ve been to a lot of schools and nowhere have I found the attention and just willingness to help a student as I did here at Shawnee.” 

When Matthew was asked what the best thing about Shawnee State University was during his experience, he described the close relationship he was able to develop with his professors. With only 15 to 20 people in the geology program, the professors were able to focus on one student at a time, giving Matthew the best help possible. The opportunities he received within the program are unmatched by any other place he could have received his education. He hopes that students who are interested in the geology program will seek out opportunities for development, continuing to grow the geology program.