Hannah Rice began her college career at a community college near her hometown of Mayslick, Kentucky, continued her career at the University of Kentucky, and finished her college career in the Medical Laboratory Technology program at Shawnee State. As a student her favorite part was the opportunity to get to work within the lab, instead of relying heavily on the classroom. This experience helped her after she finished the program and while she was working on her clinical hours at King’s Daughter’s Medical Center. After graduation, she received the honor of a job offer from King’s Daughter’s Medical Center where she is currently working, proudly using her degree directly after finishing college. 

“I’m a science nerd - I love the lab aspect of it. When I found out that was an actual major you can make money for I thought ‘okay, lets do this.’ I just get to play in the lab all day and it’s so fun.” 

Hannah’s experience at Shawnee State made her realize her future dreams of moving to a bigger city to use her degree. Growing up in a small community on a farm, Shawnee State felt very much like home to her, especially with the small class sizes and ability to connect with professors. Her advice to anyone interested in the Medical Laboratory Technology program is to not get discouraged, stick it out and enjoy your time in college because it goes by quickly.  

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