Vanessa Desotelle

When Vanessa Desotelle first came to college she was pursuing a degree in chemistry. She found herself dissatisfied in the field and decided to leave school to figure things out, working in a small accounting office in the meantime. Through her work she found a love of number crunching and problem-solving that led her back to Shawnee to pursue a degree in Actuarial Science.  

“You have to take some big risks to get some big rewards sometimes,” she said. 

As an Actuarial Science major, Vanessa is no stranger to risk. She says leaving her full-time job to come to Shawnee full time was a big risk, but she doesn’t regret it for a second. Shawnee has provided her with all the resources she needs to stay on track academically as well as the encouragement to keep going.  

One of Vanessa’s first attractions to Shawnee was the proximity of campus to her home, but she was won over when she discovered SSU offered a degree that fit her interests perfectly.  

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