The Board of Trustees presents a Trustees' Award each year to a student(s) who is currently enrolled at Shawnee State University and also a participant in the annual Celebration of Scholarship. The award is for outstanding research that is investigative, project-based, inquiry-based, open-minded and/or exploratory. The recipient(s) of this award will receive a scholarship of $1000 applied to their student account. This amount may be refunded to the student in the event all of their tuition and fees are paid. If a group receives the award, the money will be divided up between all of the group members.

Students applying for the Award must meet the following criteria:

  • To be considered, students must be nominated by their mentor
  • Recipients must be currently enrolled students and participate as oral presenters for the Celebration of Scholarship
  • Nominees must give a 15-minute presentation during a special "Trustees' Award" session during the Celebration of Scholarship

Nomination deadline is March 16, 2018

Nomination Form (DOCX)

Award Rubric