The Honors program consists of courses and enriching learning expriences to help you get the most out of your undergraduate experience.


Introduction to Honors

Fulfill your First Year Experience (FYE) requirement with a 2-credit hour course designed specifically for Honors students.


Honors Conferences and Courses

In an Honors conference, you'll register for a two-credit companion course that pairs with a course you're already taking with an Honors faculty member. You'll work with your instructor to develop and complete a project that connects to the course subject matter and is specially tailored to your own interests. Honors courses give you the opportunity to take small, specially-designated courses with other Honors students and range from General Education courses to Special Topics courses, all taught by members of our Honors faculty. Honors students complete six honors conferences or courses during their time at SSU.


Honors Symposia

Several times each semester, Honors program students and faculty gather to enjoy some refreshments and share their current projects, including the research you're doing in Honors Conferences.


Experiential Learning

Each Honors student completes an Experiential Learning endeavor, such as a community service project, internship, or research project. The Honors Program offers up to $1,000 in financial support per student to help you complete your experiential learning requirement.


Co-curricular Experiences

Each semester, Honors students have the opportunity to participate in an off-campus field trip. Past co-curricular experiences include a performance of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, a live-streamed performance of the Broadway musical Allegiance, and the theatrical re-release of the 1985 film The Color Purple.


Honors Capstone

To complete your experience in the honors program, you have the option to enroll in the Honors Capstone course, a 3-credit hour course in which you will develop one of your Conference Works into an Honors Capstone project that demonstrates mastery of the Honors Program Learning Outcomes. Or, if your major requires a Capstone course in our department, you'll pair your Capstone course with an Honors conference in which you and a faculty mentor develop an enhanced educational experience.