Wesley Bender

Wesley knew he wanted to work in a medical environment due to so many in his family being nurses. When he took his first Respiratory Therapy class it fit like a glove. It was very important for Wesley to find his passion and he did with Respiratory Therapy.

In the future Wesley hopes to serve as an asthma educator or teach health science to the public. Not only did Wesley fall in love with the program, but he was heavily influenced and impressed by the professors and how closely they were able to work with students.

“One time we were in the lab practicing for our ventilator check-offs and it messed up. It was midnight and we called (instructor) Amy. She walked us through troubleshooting to fix it so we could keep practicing. That really spoke to me. Wow - not many professors would pick up their phone and talk to their students at 12 in the morning!”

After graduation Wesley was able to not only get one job, but two within the area. The Respiratory Therapy program allows students to perform clinical hours through hospitals so they can get hands-on practice. Attending college taught him to be a responsible adult and to achieve his dreams.

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