May 30, 2024

A Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native, Lauren Anderson is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering Technology at Shawnee State University. A junior, Anderson is grateful for the relationships she’s been able to build with her classmates and professors within the program.

Lauren Anderson

“I love this program and I love my professors,” she said. “I am a single mother with an eight-year-old son with special needs. All of my professors have gone above and beyond to accommodate me if timing doesn’t work.”

With small class sizes within the program, Anderson has been able to connect and share her story with her professors.

“They’ve all met and know my son by name,” she said. “They’ve done everything possible to help me out.”

The Computer Engineering Technology program at SSU offers students intensive training in computer science and engineering. The courses also focus on ethics in computer science as well as helping develop communication skills. The program combines the key parts of computer science with electrical engineering technology to give their students a wide variety of knowledge.

“The classes where I’ve worked with computer hardware have been my favorite,” Anderson said. “I’ve been able to build and solder robots. In a course I took last semester, we had built a robot with wheels that we had to program to go in a particular pattern.”

Central to the program, Anderson is grateful for the hands-on lessons in the classroom.

“We are building a computer from scratch in a class right now,” she said. “If it turns on at the end, we pass. We have to wire and solder everything and it’s fascinating.”

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