April 22, 2022

Graduating from Shawnee State University this month with his bachelor’s degree in Plastics Engineering Technology (PET), Brandon Coburn, a Portsmouth, Ohio native, enjoyed being able to pursue his degree in his hometown.

photo of Brandon Coburn

“Being able to get this type of education close to home is unbeatable,” he said. “I fell in love with SSU’s campus as soon as I set foot here as a student. My professors have been instrumental in providing me with the knowledge and skills I’ll need to succeed.”

Despite it being one of his most difficult courses, Coburn considers physics to be his favorite class at SSU.

“Even though Physics is difficult, I gained a lot from the class,” he said. “It was my favorite partly because of the connections I made. We formed a large study group and I made lots of friends through that. I really enjoyed that class.”

After completing his bachelor’s degree, Coburn plans to further his education and enroll in a graduate level program.

“I will be pursuing my Master’s degree after graduation,” he said. “After I finish that degree, my dream is to obtain a position in the Aerospace industry. I will work as hard as I can to make that happen.”

For incoming students considering enrolling in the PET program, Coburn highly recommends taking the opportunity to explore the major.

“I loved everything about the program during my time at Shawnee State,” said Coburn. “Our work is mainly hands-on so there is always something to do.”

SSU’s four-year PET program offers a hands-on approach to the intensive training in plastics manufacturing, chemistry, physics, advanced mathematics, and engineering. The program also emphasizes communication to help students build the skills they need to interact with internal and external customers.

“This program is definitely a challenge, but it is so amazing if you stick with it,” said Coburn. “If you have the ability to work independently, you will succeed in the program.”

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