May 20, 2021

Graduating senior Shae Patty, 22, has known since she graduated from Northwest High School that she wanted to make an impact on her community in a unique way, through athletics. She hopes to start a nonprofit soon after graduating to assist in making athletics possible for children who are underprivileged or have physical disabilities.

Shae Patty in cap and gown

“Sports have always been a part of my life as long as I remember. It’s not about the statistics or points we score; the stories that sports create is what I love so much. Those stories have shaped my life,” Patty said. “There are many nonprofits throughout the world, but starting one which uses sports to reach out to these kids is something I would love to be part of. It would show them that they are able to conquer any obstacle throughout life.”

Patty admits that the Sport Management department is tough and competitive but credits the program for giving her the support needed to be able to succeed.

“It is a tough and competitive program, but one that does everything they can to prepare a student for the future,” Patty said. “I enjoyed feeling like I was never alone as I went through this program.”

Patty also had no problem making her mark outside of the classroom in many aspects of student life. She highlighted her experiences with Illuminate Christian Bible Study and being part of the Shawnee State track team where she was named an NAIA All-American.

As a lifelong resident of Scioto County, Patty credits Shawnee State with giving her an environment to be able to succeed.

“My time here at Shawnee State has been some of the greatest times of my life. The support that I have received from this community is something that I will never forget.”

Shawnee State thanks Shae for her time on campus and wishes her good luck on her future endeavors.