photo of Alexis Cardinale
SSU Orientation Leader Alexis Cardinale

April 4, 2022

Helping new students transition to campus life, Shawnee State University’s New Student Orientation allows incoming students to meet other SSU students, tour campus, receive their first course schedule, and learn about resources available to students. Alexis Cardinale, a sophomore from Mentor, Ohio, is looking forward to serving in her second year as an Orientation Leader for the Office of Admission.

“For a new student coming to Orientation, I would tell them to not be nervous for this first experience here at college, she said. “Everyone working this event is aiming to greet them warmly and excitingly to the university.”

Pursuing a degree in the 3+2 Occupational Therapy program at SSU, Cardinale also works in the Office of Admission as a student tour guides throughout the year, allowing her to connect with incoming students before the Orientation day. As an Orientation Leader, she has been able to stay involved in campus life and to learn the ins-and-outs of campus operations.

“My favorite memory as an Orientation Leader last year was being able to talk to two incoming freshmen that were from my area of Ohio,” she said. “I got to bond with these students in our similar hometown backgrounds along with being a friendly face they could refer to since they are from further away.”

Cardinale knows New Student Orientation is beneficial to incoming students as it gives them a chance to ask questions while also bonding with upperclassmen who have personal experiences to share.

“Talk to your fellow Orientation Leaders as we love to talk and help with any questions as much as possible,” she said.

Students participating in SSU’s New Student Orientation will meet with university President Jeff Bauer as well as their academic Deans throughout the day. They will also receive their first semester schedule, get their SSU Bear Card student ID, and meet with an academic advisor. For those parents in attendance, information sessions will be offered as well as additional campus and housing tours.

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