January 28, 2022

Considering herself a natural caregiver, Skyler Brown has known for many years she wanted to pursue a nursing career. A junior in Shawnee State University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program, she values the support she has found from her professors and classmates.

Skyler Brown
Shawnee State University Nursing student Skyler Brown administers a COVID-19 booster shot during an on-campus clinic.

“My favorite part of the BSN program is that there are so many kind professors that want you to succeed and become the best nurse you can be,” she said. “Everyone has a common goal and we all support each other.”

Starting the BSN program during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brown did not know for sure what to expect about how the environment would affect her education. Transitioning partially to a virtual learning experience in place of in-person clinicals for her first year, her and her classmates are now back to completing clinicals in hospital settings.

“We have been able to attend various clinical sites, seeing a wide array of patients with different needs,” she said. “We have also learned various skills such as injections, catheter and IV insertion, assessments skills, and we will be learning much more this semester.”

Part of her classroom work this semester was to help administer COVID-19 vaccinations to the campus community. Overseen by her faculty members and members of the SSU Health Clinic, Brown was thankful for the hands-on experience.

“I loved having the opportunity to administer COVID-19 vaccines on campus,” she said. “It was excellent practice and I got to interact with many SSU students, employees, and other community members. I feel much more comfortable giving injections now. One of my best friends in the program even gave me my COVID-19 booster shot that day, which was cool!”

Looking towards her future, Brown knows she eventually wants to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner after receiving the experience needed.

“I can’t wait to be an advocate for my patients and make a difference in their lives – even if it’s a small one,” she said.

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