Faculty Festival of Achievement

Showcasing SSU Faculty Research and Creative Accomplishments

The 2021 virtual conference at SSU convenes with faculty and administrative scholars sharing work relevant to the study of science, art, medicine, education, history, popular culture, and other disciplines.

This year’s online conference is designed to create an interactive, flexible atmosphere that allows participants to benefit from sharing perspectives and knowledge that will generate advances in scholarship on campus and foster collegiality.

2021 Faculty Festival of Achievement Program

2021 Presentation Recordings

Michael Barnhart, “Music and Computers”

Sandra Beam, “Technology and Young Children’s Growth as Writers”

Thomas Bunting, “Democracy at the Ballpark”

Dan Chaffin, “Foliar general and secretory anatomy of Cultivated Dorstenia Foetida, (crispa) (Forssskal) Schweinfurth, Moraceae”

Barb Conn, “Emergency Department Nursing Psychological Care: Early Crisis Intervention”

Shirley Crothers-Marley, “Readings from her recent book of poetry Make Me an Oyster”

Drew Feight, “The Underground Railroad in Scioto County, Ohio”

Tim Hamilton, “Using the Apollo Flight Simulation in Introductory Physics Courses”

Charles Kemp, “Student Preparedness for Emergency Remote Learning: A Multi-site Interpretive Case Study to Investigate the Sudden Transition to Remote Learning”

Karen Koehler, “Promoting Improved Student Outcomes in Braille Literacy through Interdisciplinary Learning with Dramatic Inquiry”

Leila Lomashvili, “Developing a Lesson Plan with the SIOP”

Jason Lovins, “Circulation Wars in Portsmouth 1897-1904”

James Pearce, “What is Bitcoin?”

Chip Poirot, “Why economics did not become and evolutionary science: Marx, Veblien and Marshall in the context of 19th century social evolutionism”

Marc Scott and Sarah Gillman, “What to Keep and What to Change: An analysis of SSU student written comments on the 2020 National Survey of Student Engagement”

Doug Sturgeon, “Professional development 100 Years Ago: Analyzing the Professional Development of One-Room School Teachers in the 1920’s”

Barb Warnock, “Children at Risk for Sensory and Auditory Defects”