Josie Wolfe

Like many new college students, Josie Wolfe was nervous about meeting new people. She wanted a way to reach out to students like herself- students who want to make friends but haven’t broken out of their shell yet. Her decision to join the Student Programming Board allows her to plan and execute events to bring Shawnee State students together in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

“The more involved you are, the more opportunities you’ll have.”

Through events such as Life-Size Monopoly and the Women Empowerment Fashion Show, Josie is doing her part to make Shawnee State University an outstanding place to make new connections- while gaining valuable communication and organizational skills along the way.

Students like Josie encourage new students to become active on campus- whether you plan to live on campus or commute from home. SSU offers more than 60 student clubs and organizations based on student interests, academic areas of study, religious or political affiliation, or shared passions.

Join and existing club, or start your own! At Shawnee State, we make it easy for you to connect with other standout students.

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