Classrooms and laboratories have been assessed to determine seating capacity and reconfigured to ensure compliance with physical distancing guidelines.  Academic course scheduling alternatives have been developed to protect the health of students and faculty.  A variety of scheduling alternatives are being offered, including the use of staggered and sprint courses, to facilitate a transition to remote delivery in case of an outbreak and accommodate vulnerable students and faculty. 

Other modifications include the use of barriers (sneeze guards) and face shields to aid instruction for hearing impaired students.  The use of non-traditional areas will be used to preserve physical distancing. Directional signage will aid with new entrances and exits to buildings.  Additional time may be allowed between classes to provide sufficient time for students to navigate new pathways to alternative classrooms.


Physical distancing will be expected along with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) as required by the professor and established in the course requirements.  Numbers in attendance will be limited and schedules staggered if necessary in order to ensure adherence to safety protocols and mitigate the risk of exposure for students and faculty.  Students must follow all rules established for laboratories and other research experiences on and off-campus in order to participate.

Study Abroad/International Travel

Shawnee State will follow U.S. Department of State and CDC guidelines and provide pre-travel health counseling before travel.  Risk assessments will be conducted for all travel and protocols are established if a traveler needs to quarantine outside of the U.S. or upon return to the U.S.