Zachary Callihan is currently working hard to earn his degree so he can begin working in Radiological Technology. As a transfer student from the University of Cincinnati, he finds that Shawnee State University has a wonderful program that really allows him to have the opportunity to grow within his chosen career field. Zachary grew up in a family that worked in the health care field, so that swayed his decision, but ultimately, he chose to become a radiology technician because scans saved not only his life, but his mother’s and brother’s as well.  

“My dream would be getting as many certifications as I can to enter into radiology. You can split from X-ray and do MRI, ultrasound, cardiovascular, just a bunch of different opportunities you can go into. My dream is to make sure I can get into any of them.” 

Zachary says he will truly be prepared for his career when he finishes his degree program, thanks to Shawnee State. He has already begun getting more experience outside of the lab by working at Adena Hospital in Chillicothe, Ohio as a technology assistant in radiology. His favorite resource was the Clark Memorial Library and the extremely helpful professors and advisors within the program. Upon graduation, he hopes to expand his skills and get as a far as he can within the work force as a radiology technician.  

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