Jordan Dever fell in love with the biomedical science program when she attended pre-med day where students are introduced to a program where they can focus on medicine. She has a love for science that led her to an interest in emergency medicine. However, she hopes to pay it forward to the medical community in any way she can after she has earned her doctorates in medicine. 

“Forge relationships with faculty, the are the gateway to contacts, to getting you prepared for continuing education, for success of your own classes on campus, and for letters of recommendation. It’s just really important for you to go out and forge those relationships. I have never met as friendly and caring faculty as on this campus.” 

Jordan graduated in 2016 and in the fall of 2017 was accepted into the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University. The hands-on experience from the cadaver program helped her to be two steps ahead of her classmates. Not only has her hands-on experience helped her to stand out in the classroom, but she also learned a lot of material within upper-level classes like immunology, advanced human anatomy, and microbiology at SSU which helped to set a good foundation to begin her master’s program at Marshall to later become a practicing physician.  

Shawnee State’s biomedical science program has made a large impact on Jordan’s overall education experience. To this day, she still visits the faculty and hopes to come back to the area to practice medicine when she receives her doctorate in medicine. The small class sizes allow professors to take more time with students to help in any way possible, whether they are working in the lab or memorizing bones. 

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