As an environmental engineer, Quentin Williams plans to use his degree to start his own business. Before attending Shawnee State University, he went to a different college, but while there he did not feel quite as at home. When he attended Shawnee State he was able to get to know everyone and become invested in student life. Since SSU was one of the only places that offered a bachelor degree in environmental engineering, he was able to receive a bachelor degree and now works at the Portsmouth Health Department.  

“Don’t choose something based upon money, choose something you really like to do and find out what your passions are.” 

The engineering program at Shawnee State is continuously growing, but with a few number of students in the program, professors were able to help Quentin to the fullest extent. He was able to do some field work, gaining experience within different environments, doing things that gave him job experience he couldn’t have gotten somewhere else. Although he truly enjoyed his program, his favorite part about Shawnee State was the ability to become very familiar with the students and staff around him. He attended basketball games, made many friends, and grew into the person he is today thanks to his college experience.  

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