Like many other students, Gregory Burson is a transfer student from a large university. He chose to transfer to Shawnee State University because they offered him larger opportunities. At SSU he can get certification to teach both physics and chemistry. He was also given the opportunity to take a trip with a professor to learn about the solar eclipse in Tennessee. Ultimately, there are more opportunities here because professors are able to have a one-on-one focus with students, creating a friendlier environment for educating students.  

“My family has always stressed to me about choosing a job only to make the most money. They’ve always said do what you’re going to have fun with and have happiness with. I had the choice to go into astrophysics which is about $100,000 starting, but I chose teaching, so it’s different. It made me happier. “ 

Gregory plans to teach high school students physics. In student teaching, he has been working with eighth grade students, and he enjoys every minute of it. Shawnee State University has allowed Gregory to prepare for his career by giving him multiple opportunities to gain experience and knowledge. His favorite part, the one he’s looking forward to seeing every day, is watching the sparks go off in students’ eyes when they finally get something complicated. A passionate teacher is the best teacher, which is exactly what stems from a great education received from Shawnee State University.  

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