December 15, 2022

A senior at Shawnee State University, Deanna Hall (Hometown: Proctorville, Ohio), knows that a Political Science major will lead her to a successful career of helping others.

Deanna Hall

“I want to go to law school and for a lot of people in this area, political science is the right track for that,” she said.

Hall balances her time on campus as a member of the university’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams, as well as the President of the Political Science Club. As someone who loves to read from philosophers and learn about the political path of the country, she knows she has found her place on campus. 

“I love getting to read something and then talk about it with a group of people, and I actually love writing papers,” she said. 

After finishing law school, Hall wants to make an impact on her community and society as a whole, hoping to pursue a career in human rights law.

“I would be doing things like defending minorities or other groups of people fighting for civil rights,” she said.

Within her major’s club, Hall is working with her other officers and faculty members to provide unique opportunities to students in the program.

“We are trying to start up group law school visits,” she said. “The program led me to that idea.”  

With her goal of going to law school quickly approaching, Hall has been able to connect with her advisor and the Director of the Political Science program for help in preparing to take the next step in her career.  

“Thomas Bunting has been like my saving grace,” she said. “He’s given me information for my personal statement, recommended law schools for me to apply to, and he’s just been very helpful throughout my entire four years here.” 

SSU’s Political Science program offers students the opportunity to examine a variety of topics in the study of politics, power, justice, and government. Their scope of study ranges from local politics to state, national, and international politics. SSU students learn to think critically and analytically, write and speak effectively, and participate in politics actively, while developing skills that can transcend across a perpetually changing area of study.

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