April 28, 2023

Graduating from Shawnee State University this month with her degree in marketing, Ramiah Wallace is excited to be starting a career she is passionate about.

Ramiah Wallace

“Quite honestly, it’s a hidden gem here at SSU,” she said, about her degree. “I advocate for this program to anyone who doesn’t know their direction yet and needs something to try. There is so much to learn about so many different things that if you find out that it’s not for you then you at least might know what is.”

When decided to major in marketing, Wallace felt confident in her decision after talking with program advisor Dr. Jason Lovins. Throughout the program, she has been able to see how creative and collaborative marketing can be.

“Not only do I learn from my professors, but I learn from other students as well,” she said. “Everybody brings unique ideas to the table and it’s exciting to see how so many different perspectives surge into one common goal of helping society.”

In her classwork, Wallace has found the program to be straight-forward as she is dedicated to the work she puts in, but also knows the program is serious in preparing her for her real-world career. By participating in agency projects within her classes, she has gained invaluable experience.

“The class essentially becomes a marketing agency, and we receive a real business client that needs assistance with marketing,” she said. “We separate into teams and create a full report and presentation package of a detailed marketing plan for that business to implement as they please, and many of them do.”

Working in these projects, Wallace has been able to see how it exposes her and her classmates to real marketing tactics while gaining the experience for future job opportunities.

SSU’s Marketing program is designed to teach concepts as well as applied principles, with opportunities to work in professional environments through partnerships with local businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. The program also teaches students professional communications tactics and consumer research, and spends substantial time teaching the technology needed to solve specific marketing problems.

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