December 6, 2022

Majoring in Middle Childhood Education, Kathryn Matson is focusing her studies at Shawnee State University on both science and social studies. She was inspired to become an educator because of her experiences in high school and that inspiration has only further developed while at SSU.

Kathryn Matson

“When I was in high school my teacher was extremely passionate about what they did,” she said. “Also, Shawnee professors put in the effort to check in with students and make it really inspiring. Shawnee is where I got the love for education.”

A native of Racine, Ohio, Matson is currently completing her student teaching rotation and is excited to be sharing her passion in the classroom.

“The program has provided some great examples of observing teaching at work,” she said, who was able to observe students and teachers in the classroom starting her first year in the program. “In my junior year, in our methods class, I developed lessons for sixth-grade science and fourth-grade social studies.” 

Matson is encouraged to start working in the teaching field, but knows that there is more to being a teacher than just making presentations in the classroom.

“For people entering the field, there is a lot more to teaching than meets the eye,” she said. “Not only do you have to create lesson plans, but you also worry about the kids when they aren’t in your presence.” 

To others considering a career in education, she highlights the importance of building relationships with colleagues, as well as parents and guardians, and to be prepared to learn every day.

“If you are passionate about getting involved, investigate the program, and talk to students and teachers about it,” she said. “It can be one of the most rewarding careers in so many ways.” 

SSU’s School of Education offers undergraduate and graduate Teacher Education programs. Students are taught to be educators in early, middle, and adolescent-to-young adult education as well as intervention specialists. Educators may choose to continue their education and pursue a Master’s of Education in Curriculum & Instruction or Intervention Specialist from the university.

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