January 26, 2023

A junior this year at Shawnee State University, Kaitlin Smith loves everything her psychology major encompasses.

Kaitlin Smith

“I love everything about psychology,” she said. “I love the science, I love the awareness of mental health, getting the ability to understand people better, and the ability to understand myself better.”

A native of Flatwoods, Kentucky, Smith first found her way to SSU because it was close to home.

“I commute to campus,” she said. “This allows me to live at home while saving money.”

Even though she is a commuter, Smith has been able to become involved in several student organizations including the Psychology Club, Psychology Honors Society, and the Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. Her involvement in these organization has allowed her to gain communication and networking skills, while making friends, and exploring more of her major.

“We do a wide variety of things at Psychology Club meetings such as brain teasers, illusions, learning about the psychology behind music, and at our Halloween meeting we did a murder mystery game,” she said.

Majoring in Psychology at SSU allows students to gain new insights into the ways that people think, feel, and behave. Graduates of the program have gone onto successful careers in education, social service, health care, mental health services, law, and business. Upon completing their degrees, SSU graduates have also pursued graduate and professional degrees in social work, counseling, psychology, medicine, law, and neuroscience.

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