Charles Kemp
Dr. Charles Kemp

October 12, 2022

Dr. Charles Kemp, a six-year, recently-tenured Associate Professor in Shawnee State University’s School of Education, is the co-editor of Collaborative Models and Frameworks for Inclusive Educator Preparation Programs recently published by IGI Publishing. The book showcases a collaboration of research from across the country with professional educators sharing their teaching approaches.

“We knew there was research being conducted by different folks,” Dr. Kemp said. “If we pulled all that research together it would better help people understand how to develop inclusive educator prep programs.” 

Dr. Kimberly Cassidy also of SSU’s School of Education is featured in the book showcasing different perspectives of co-teaching.

“Partnering with Dr. Kemp to co-teach was a pivotal moment for both me and the teacher candidates in the programs,” Dr. Cassidy said. “We were able, and continue, to model best practices and see immediate positive outcomes. We are building on these experiences and research ways to improve our co-teaching strategies.”

Co-teaching is a model for student teachers to have an opportunity to work with their cooperating teacher, while the teacher does not have to give up their role with the class. 

“The cooperating teacher gets to see some new strategies they weren’t aware of from their teacher preparation days, and the teacher candidate gets to see somebody who is seasoned in the field,” Dr. Kemp explained. “We are seeing an overwhelmingly good response from our students.”

Dr. Kemp and Dr. Cassidy work alongside each other and model for their students exactly what they are teaching them. This experience, performing it on their own, made its way into Dr. Cassidy’s chapters of the book. The decision to do this came when students here at SSU gave their feedback saying they wanted to see this method modeled for them.

“This book is phenomenal – not because we have chapters in it, but because we have successfully collaborated with professionals across the country who are experts in their fields,” Dr. Cassidy said. “We continue to learn and to share, which is what a learning community is all about.” 

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