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Chris Moore
Director of Development

(740) 351-3082

May 8, 2020

The Shawnee State University spring graduating class has raised $1,111 for the Shawnee Fund within the SSU Development Foundation. The amount, reported through the foundation’s annual Senior Gift program, was raised thanks to the commitment and generosity of fifty-five seniors making gifts of $20.20 to commemorate their graduation year.

The Senior Gift program was implemented at Shawnee State in the fall of 2018 as a way for graduating seniors each semester to give back to future generations of SSU students. The program highlights the importance of annual gifts to the foundation and the impact those gifts can make on several programs throughout campus. Each gift is designated to the Shawnee Fund, the university’s unrestricted fund providing support to all areas on campus – including scholarships, the SSUDF Grants Program, and initiatives supporting campus programming, research, entrepreneurship, and more.

“Thank you to our Senior class for their gifts to the Shawnee Fund,” said Chris Moore, SSU Director of Development. “It is not easy to give a gift as a brand-new graduate, so to see fifty-five graduates come together to leave a gift for current and upcoming SSU students is sincerely heartening and deserving of recognition. The SSU Development Foundation thanks each of them and looks forward to proudly following their careers as SSU alumni.”

To commemorate each senior’s first gift made to the university, a philanthropy cord is presented for the senior to wear during their commencement ceremony. Since the start of the program, Senior Gifts have raised over $3,000 within the SSU Development Foundation thanks to the support of 150 graduating seniors.

To learn more about the SSU Development Foundation and its impact on Shawnee State’s campus, visit or contact Chris Moore, Director of Development at or by calling (740) 351-3082.