February 23, 2022

Majoring in Sport Management at Shawnee State University, freshman Maggie Franks (Hometown: Huntington, WV) recently made university history becoming the first female voice to join the Shawnee SportsNet broadcasting team. A student-athlete herself, Franks loves to surround herself with sports and her teammates.

Maggie Franks

“I was in a meeting with Dr. Rader when he asked what I like about Sport Management and what I wanted to do in the future,” she said. “I told him I like the marketing aspect of business and the communications in broadcasting. He encouraged me to join the broadcasting team. I had no idea at the time I was the first female to do this at SSU.”

Franks found her way to SSU after showing interest in joining the Women’s Swimming team. Although she began her swimming career later than others, she quickly developed a true passion for the sport.

“Swimming is a mentally grueling sport,” said Franks. “I currently compete backstroke and mid-distance free. I have built a strong connection with my team.”

So far, Franks has helped broadcast SSU’s men’s and women’s basketball games along with Program Director Dr. Steven Rader. She also plans to be part of the broadcast at baseball games later this spring. Her family is proud of her achievements and have helped support her along the way.

“After every game, my dad calls me and gives me tips for what to say during the broadcasts,” she said. “My family has watched and listened to every game I’ve done so far – even the ones that I didn’t say a word on!”

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