October 29, 2020

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After attending three other American universities, French native Alex Raudier found her place at Shawnee State University, where she is studying the environment and has become the first international player on the women’s soccer team.

Raudier is a fifth-year senior and hopes to graduate from the Environmental Engineering Technology program this December. She was attracted to SSU because of its affordable tuition as well as its educational opportunities.

“I chose this major because I am really into water treatment and water pollution,” Raudier said. “We know water is essential to life, so I wanted to help change things, and make the world better. With environmental engineering we mostly think about new energy, but it is also about preserving our current energy.”

Raudier participated in an internship at a water treatment plant in Lucasville over the summer. This experience convinced her that she was at the right place and wanted to do a job like this.

“In five years I hope to have my grade 2 operator, and I would like to move to the coast and work on wildlife conservation,” she said.

Raudier said her work in the field through SSU’s program has given her invaluable hands-on learning.

“I loved my internship at the water plant. I had to be versatile. I was in the laboratory, but also on the field itself doing mechanics. The internship was not needed for my program requirements, but I wanted to get some experience on what work in the field is like.”

While in the United States, Raudier had previously attended schools in Tennessee, California and northern Ohio. However, she found a special place at Shawnee State University.

“I kept transferring schools because I couldn’t find my major,” Raudier said. “At SSU I found what I wanted to do. Shawnee is affordable for international students, it was offering my program, and I was offered a spot on the Women’s soccer team.”

In addition to her field experience and playing sports, Raudier has found the SSU community very welcoming.

“Shawnee is really great on a personal and human level,” she said. “You get to know your classmates and professors, and they are both eager to help when problems arise.”

Alex has been a fundamental part of the women’s soccer team. She was the first international player the team ever signed and is currently one of the captains.

“I have a really good sense of organization and time management skills,” she said. “This makes it relatively easy for me to combine soccer and school. The professors give our homework for the whole semester. This makes it possible for me to do my homework two or three weeks beforehand.”

Raudier’s home town is Angouleme, France. Having lived in multiple states and now experiencing life at Shawnee, she noticed a few differences between America and France.

“There are some differences in food, culture, and lifestyle,” she said. “I have the feeling that America is more chill. They don’t stress a lot, whereas in France we stress about everything. Americans are more open than people in France. They need to know you well to be able to open their house up for you.”  

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