April 23, 2021

Graduating senior Jacob Click claims that although he has faced road bumps in his academic journey, Shawnee State has given him a chance to grow as a person and find success.

“The faculty at Shawnee State, and the people that I’ve met here, have helped me become a better person academically, as well as spiritually, and helped me transform into a young adult who is prepared for whatever the future holds,” Click said.

Click, a first-generation college student, will graduate this spring with a degree in Early Childhood Education and plans to pursue a career in education while keeping his eyes open for any other opportunities his degree has to offer.

Known by his peers a people person, Click’s energy can also be seen in his side career, “DJake” where he has booked events through all of 2021 such as weddings as a music DJ.

Click attributes his growth as a fun-loving person to his time serving as president of Illuminate Christian Bible Study, which is a student-led worship club on campus, for the last three years.

“Illuminate has been such a key reason in my involvement to campus and Shawnee, outside of the classroom” he said. “At Illuminate, I’ve met friends that I’ll have for the rest of my life, grown closer to Christ, and have been constantly surrounded by people who want better for myself and me.”

Click had before attended two years at a different university before transferring to Shawnee but claims that SSU has made a much bigger impact on him through “engaging with promoting student involvement, and a much nicer campus.”

“My favorite part about Shawnee would most definitely be the size,” said Click. “There are still numerous new people that I meet every day, but the size is small enough so that the friends you do make, you’ll see all the time.”

Shawnee State thanks Jake for his time on campus and wishes him good luck on his future endeavors.