Scott Douthat

Title: Professor
Area: Sociology
Office Location: MAS 231
Phone: (740) 351-3620


Hired in 2005, Dr. Douthat has taught courses across the fields of criminal justice/criminology, social work, sociology, and psychology. He received his PhD in forensic psychology in 2005 at the Union Institute and University where he studied under famed psychologist Dr. Albert Ellis. 

Between the years 2005 and 2013 he coordinated the sociology major and raised the major from 9 students to nearly 150 students. He also coordinated the number one and number two minors at the university, social work and criminology. The social work minor was so popular that it had as many students as all the other minors at the university combined. 

In 2013, when he was promoted to full professor, it was noted that Dr. Douthat had the highest student course evaluations in the history of the university. He has also taught the highest number of different courses and carried more students than any faculty at SSU. He continues to receive high ratings from students and is the university’s highest rated faculty member on 

In 2022 he worked to bring criminal justice to the university as a new major and hopes to bring a Bachelor of Social Work program to SSU in the future.


2005 Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Psychology
Specialization: Forensic Psychology 
Sub-specialization: Psychological assessment and counseling 
The Union Institute, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 
1999 Master of Social Work Degree
Concentration: Children and Families 
University of Cincinnati, School of Social Work 
Cincinnati, Ohio.  
1992 Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice
Additional studies in Forensic Psychology 
University of Cincinnati, College of Education 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 
1991 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology
Certificate in Criminal Justice 
University of Cincinnati, College of Arts and Sciences 
Cincinnati, Ohio.  
1990 Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice
Specialization: Corrections
University of Cincinnati, College of Education 
Cincinnati, Ohio.

Shawnee State University Coursework: 49 Courses Taught

HONR3999: Honors Special Topics  
PSYC2130: Child and Adolescent Psychology   
PSYC3144: Juvenile Delinquency  
PSYC3160: Abnormal Psychology  
PSYC4160: Behavior Problems in Children  
PSYC4161: Counseling Psychology   
PSYC4195: Student Research in Psychology  
SOCI1101: Introduction to Sociology  
SOCI2201: Introduction to Social Welfare   
SOCI2204: Introduction to Social Work   
SOCI2205: Current Social Problems   
SOCI2206: Social Institutions  
SOCI2207: Introduction to Criminology   
SOCI2610: Introduction to Criminal Justice 
SOCI2620: Policing  
SOCI2630: Victimology  
SOCI3224: Urban Sociology 
SOCI3234: Sociology of Aging  
SOCI3261: Deviant Subcultures   
SOCI3305: Social Work Practice  
SOCI3307: Sociology of Work   
SOCI3311: Human Sexuality 
SOCI3314: Sociology of Religion  
SOCI3320: Sociology of Culture   
SOCI3325: Sociology of the Family  
SOCI3326: Small Group Dynamics   
SOCI3330: Social Theory   
SOCI3380: Sociological Methods   
SOCI3561: Nonverbal Communication in Social Work, Counseling and Criminology  
SOCI3562: Advanced Current Social Problems  
SOCI3562: Applied Sociology  
SOCI3620: Corrections 
SOCI3999: Adv. Theoretical Criminology  
SOCI3999: Chemical Dependency Counseling  
SOCI3999: Drugs and Society  
SOCI3999: Drugs, Society and Criminal Justice   
SOCI3999: Heavy Metal Subculture   
SOCI3999: Social Work Theory   
SOCI4403: Field Experience in Social Work   
SOCI4410: Social Stratification    
SOCI4444: Social Deviance   
SOCI4601: Serial Murder 
SOCI4999: Cultural Competency in Counseling and Social Work   
SOCI4999: Grant Writing in Social Work  
SOCI4999: Sexual Deviance   
SOCI4999: Substance Abuse Counseling   
SOSC4185: Social Sciences Internship  
SOSC4195: Student Research/Social Sciences  
UNIV1100: 1st Year Experience: University Foundations 

Presentation, Seminar, and Continuing Education Topics
  • Assessment of Suicide Risk 
  • Protocol for Handling Victims of Sexual Assault 
  • Assessment of Substance Abuse and Protocol for Intervention 
  • Effective Time Management Strategies 
  • The Role of Faculty in the Delivery of Academic Accommodations to Student’s with Disabilities 
  • Student’s Rights and the Legal Responsibilities of the University and Faculty for Students with Disabilities 
  • Historical and Current Trends in Correctional Rehabilitation 
  • Nonverbal Communication in Psychological Assessment and Counseling
Research Experience/Publications

Co-author. (2010). College Students’ Perceptions and Experiences with Health Insurance. Journal of The National Medical Association. 102(12),1222-1229.

Acknowledgement. Holmes, R. and Holmes, S. (2010). Serial Murder, 3rd ed. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Co-author with Kacir, C. (2007). Perceptions of Community Problems in the Greater-Portsmouth, Ohio Area.

Author. (2005). Generalized Revenge: a psychological construct for understanding behaviors of organized male serial murders. Ann Arbor, MI: ProQuest. 

Author and Program Developer. (1999). The Impact of the Instance Calming Sequence in Concert with Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy for Behavioral Management of Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatric Patients. A behavioral intervention program and study conducted for the Behavioral Health Unit of Mercy-Franciscan Hospital

Professional Licensure and Practice

Dr. Douthat maintains a private practice in counseling, social work, and forensic consultation through Portsmouth Counseling Services, LLC.

Independent Social Worker, State of Ohio, License No. I 0009424, valid to May, 2020.

SSU Service Committees and Advising
  • Coordination of Social Work Internship Program 
  • Educational Policy and Curriculum Committee (EPCC) Member 
  • ADA Compliance Committee 
  • General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) Member
  • Coordination of Ohio University M.S.W. Program at S.S.U. 
  • Advisor for Social Work Club and former advisor for Sociology Club, Rugby Club, Nihilist Philosophy Club, and TKE Fraternity.