Our return to campus will be done in three phases:

  1. Phase 1 began June 1 and ended June 28. This phase included the return of most non-public offices focused on “backroom” business, student needs, operational services, assessments and preparations for the next two phases.
  2. Phase 2 runs June 29 through August 23. This phase has the return of limited public services for business, administrative support, academic and student services.
  3. Phase 3 occurs August 24 with the start of the fall semester. Classes will begin on ground with expanded public and non-public operations returned to campus. Remote instruction for larger populated classrooms and other specified instruction and services will begin.

Throughout the entire Bears Return Plan (PDF), on-campus and remote services will be provided based on the needs of the operation and assurance of maintaining safety guidelines.

Shawnee State University will comply with CDC and state guidelines to the maximum extent possible. Assessments of work, student and academic locations have been conducted to ensure protective equipment. Based on these assessments, adjustments have been made to provide a safe environment, including the reconfiguration of offices, classrooms, laboratories, and gathering areas to preserve physical distancing.