Abby Shupert ran track in high school, but she never felt like sports were really for her. She enjoys exercising her mind through challenging mathematical problems rather than running a mile, so archery was the perfect pairing of brain and brawn for her. Abby enjoys the patience and skill required in getting her arrow to the target, just like she enjoys working hard for a good GPA. She’s proud to be representing Shawnee State University on their new archery team. 

“I’m not just someone in the background,” she says. “I’m part of a community.” 

Abby strongly encourages getting involved on campus to make the most of your time at SSU. She’s the treasurer of the Math Club, which welcomes students from all majors and backgrounds to explore the fun side of math! 

Shawnee’s archery team is one of two new co-ed athletics teams available on campus, including eSports.  

Not a student athlete? Become a Bears fan! Follow your favorite teams on or check them out on the SSU app. Consider joining the Blue Crew, the official student pep club. At Shawnee State, showing your school spirit is easy- and fun. 

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