January 15, 2021

When deciding on her college path, Mindy Hamann found the perfect combination for her love of both arts and technology in graphic design.

Hamann had some experience with graphic design before attending Shawnee State University and likes the future prospect of the field. The choice was also appealing to her parents, as her mother wanted her to explore arts and her father thought a technology-based field was a better fit.

“I did have previous experience in graphic design thanks to the career center I attended in high school,” Hamann said. “Graphic design is a perfect blend of the traditional arts and the world of technology. It is also a job that will always be needed and has a timeless quality to it.”

The Graphic Design major at Shawnee State helped Hamann get the best out of herself and has given her inspiration about a rewarding career.

“I believe this program has given me the motivation to better myself and my art. It has instilled a drive I didn’t have prior to college,” Hamann said. “I believe this perseverance will push me ahead of the competition when it comes to getting a job in my field.”

Mindy Hamann in front of the VRCFA building
Mindy Hamann found the perfect combination of her love of the arts and technology through Shawnee State’s Graphic Design program.

Hamann has experienced a range of diversity in assignments during the program. All of these different projects helped her find her calling in design. 

“This major has helped create a sense of identity for myself and my art alike,” she said. “There were projects that broke me out of my comfort zone of illustration and attempting a more minimal style. There were also projects that allowed me to further my illustrative goals that were equally challenging.”

The Graphic Design program can be challenging at times and should not be taken lightly, but like any other program, with the right amount of effort the student will end up with a great degree, she said.

“Many believe that anyone with a basic understanding of the appropriate software will lead to a good design, but this isn’t the case,” Hamann said. “There are fundamentals to learn and master for a good end result. Practice makes perfect and a lot of hours over the course of four years are put in to get there.”

To anyone considering graphic design, Hamann would tell them to just give it a shot.

“No matter your skill level, the professors at Shawnee are very helpful and willing to do their best to bring you to your best level,” she said. “The Shawnee art department is like a family. Every student is willing to help another out and has their back.”

The Graphic Design program can be challenging at times, but Hamann learned that with good time management, students are still be able to participate in extracurricular programs.

“Being a part of the Dungeon Crawlers (the Dungeons and Dragons club on campus) has been an absolute blast and led to some amazing friendships,” Hamann said. “The friends and connections you make in college really stick with you and let you realize your full potential as a person.”

Hamann is at her place at Shawnee and enjoys her time at the school and in her program.

“Between the size and atmosphere of the school, you really feel like you are part of a community,” she said. “Shawnee has been a lovely experience based on the friendships I’ve made with students and faculty alike. After all, why fit in when you could stand out?”