Student Ombudsperson

What we do

The Shawnee State University student ombudsperson is someone who informally, confidentially (within the parameters of the law), and impartially helps students achieve resolutions to problems. The student ombudsperson’s role is to ensure that everyone involved in student related issues receives fair and equitable treatment within the university system. The services of the student ombudsperson do not replace formal Shawnee State complaint procedures or other channels of redress. Rather, the student ombudsperson is an additional resource that is confidential within legal limits, neutral, informative, and advisory in nature. The student ombudsperson has no authority to formally dictate a resolution to a student’s concerns. Instead, the student ombudsperson can inform students of their options, make inquiries on student’s behalf, offer possible resolutions to all sides involved, and suggest university policy changes.


The current Shawnee State University student ombudsperson is Dr. Darrell Rudmann. Appointments can be made by emailing him at or by leaving a voicemail at (740) 351-3350. His office is Massie Hall, room 233 and the office phone number is (740) 351-3350.

Student Ombudsperson

Contact Information

Dr. Darrell Rudmann
Student Ombudsperson

Massie Hall, Room 233
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

(740) 351-3350

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