Distance Learning

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The number of blended and fully online courses is increasing every year here at Shawnee State University. Currently more than 80 courses are offered in a blended or fully online format.

These courses are found in every department throughout the university. The majority of courses are offered through Blackboard, the primary learning management system for SSU. Most recently Echo 360, a lecture capture system, has been added to our collection for further enhancement of instruction at a distance.

Course Approval Process

Information on the course approval process for existing courses being taught for the first time as hybrid/blended or online courses or newly developed courses (f2f and hybrid/blended or online) may be found in these documents. There is a narrative policy description as well as flow chart formats.

Courses using a blended/online format will need to be reviewed by the DL Committee prior to review by EPCC.

Designing blended/hybrid or online courses?

Be sure to direct your students to these databases for the most efficient and free resources through our library system.

Please note the scheduling procedures (PDF) for listing blended/hybrid or 100% online courses. It is important to accurately list the percentages as this has implications for our international students as well as for reports that are submitted to OBR.

Distance Learning Committee

The Distance Learning Committee meets the third Monday of each month from 4-5 pm in Provost’s Conference Room as well as online using Adobe Connect.

The Distance Learning Committee is comprised of representatives from departments in the university. Membership on the committee is for two years. The committee meets on a regular basis throughout the academic year.

Tasks include but are not limited to reviewing the Departmental Guide for Distance Learning Courses to insure its contents support current research and trends in the area of Distance Learning, relaying communications directly to their respective departments about Distance Learning and assisting in maintaining up-to-date information on blended and online courses at SSU.

Distance Learning Committee Members

  • Coby Long, Director (Teacher Education)
  • Sheena Shifko, Secretary (Allied Health)
  • Amr Al-Azm (Social Sciences)
  • April Barnette (Rehabilitation and Sports Profs)
  • Chuck Davis (Fine, Digital, & Performing Arts)
  • David DeSario (Mathematics)
  • Jim Hudson (Engineering and Technologies)
  • Chris Meade (Natural Sciences)
  • Dovel Myers (Business)
  • Beverly Ochieng-Sande (Teacher Education)
  • Hoai Tran (University College)

Distance Learning Resources

Student Online Readiness Survey

Students may take an online readiness survey to determine their likelihood of success when taking an online course here at SSU. The link to the survey is found on the MySSU page. After logging in, look at the link choices across the top of the page under Shawnee State's name. Click on Student. The survey will appear in the right-hand column of the page. It takes about ten minutes to complete and will provide you and us with valuable information planning online courses in the future.

Distance Learning

Contact Information

Coby Long

Director of Distance Learning

Assistant Professor, Department of Teacher Education


(740) 351-3239

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