Festival of Achievement

SSU Faculty Festival of Achievement

February 19-23, 2018

Celebrating the achievements of SSU faculty

Schedule of Events

Oral Presentations

Faculty (and Administrators) are invited to submit proposals to present scholarly research to the campus community and the general public.

 Presentation Application (DOCX)

The deadline for oral presentation applications is December 15, 2017

Submit your application abstract to teachinglearningcenter@shawnee.edu


The Clark Memorial Library will display published articles, books, and research projects by faculty & administrators during the week of the Festival.

A digital link to faculty publications has been added as part of the Clark Memorial Library's efforts to maintain a lib guide that can reach more readers. Q-code boxes link users to faculty research according to academic departments.

All work should be submitted by January 19, 2018

Contact the library or svarney@shawnee.edu for more information about the display.

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