Performance Management

Performance Evaluations are conducted on an annual basis to encourage open communication between supervisor and employee.

Performance Evaluations For Administrators and Support Staff

Last fall we began a process for program reviews for the non-instructional offices. These reviews focused upon analysis of work within the unit, job expectations, targeted recruiting, and creation of strategies for ensuring staff skill and leadership development to support institutional transformation.  That work has continued and will be completed during calendar 2014. The outputs of the work are future oriented job descriptions and competencies to assist in staff development.

To support the progression of these program reviews, we are modifying the normal review process for administrators and support staff.  Instead of the review process usually conducted in March and April, an informal discussion will occur between employees and their supervisors.  These activities will occur once the revised job descriptions and competencies for the department have been finalized.  Since these documents form new expectations, the discussion and outputs will be maintained at the department level and no copy will be sent to HR this year.  In addition, no evaluation form covering the prior year's (March 2013-February 2014) performance will need to be sent to HR this year.

We intend to roll out new review processes and tools in calendar 2015, and the results of these 2015 reviews will become part of the employee's performance record, as they have always been.

A copy of the complete 2014 procedures can be printed by clicking here: 2014 Procedures

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