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2014 Shawnee Art + Technology Game Conference

Gaming & Simulation

Shawnee State University is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Immersive Technology, which includes two separate, but coordinated, programs in digital simulation and gaming.

Bachelor of Science in Digital Simulation and Gaming Engineering Technology

Emphasis on software development – turning ideas, art, sound, animation, and music into games and simulations that work.

Focus on computer science, programming, and graphics programming with additional courses in arts, design, math, and physics

Works closely with Gaming & Simulation Arts program to bring projects from concept to completion

Utilizes state-of-the-art Motion Capture Studio

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gaming and Simulation

Courses on preproduction and Game Design/Development Focus on the study of art and its application to the disciplines of games and simulation

Provides foundation in the history of art and aesthetics

Flexibility through art gaming electives to allow tailoring of program to one's area of interest

Provides practical experience through joint senior project with the Game Engineering program, having responsibilities which include game design, art asset development, animation and motion capture

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