Resource Committee

Committee Charge

The committee is charged with the review of, and recommendation about, the policies and practices of resource utilization by the University. Committee meetings are open to campus members and minutes are posted on the university web site. Membership is constituency-based

Committee Members

Adair Latimer UFS 2015
Leila Lomeshvilli UFS 2016
Jason Witherall UFS 2015
Chuck Davis UFS 2016
Gene Burns, Chair UFS 2015
Vickie Crawford UAA 2015
Michell Finch UAA 2015
Regina Bradley USA 2016
Gail Chinn USA 2015
Zack Burton SGA 2015
Elinda Boyles (facilitator) VP, Finance & Administration

Appointed by the President.  Classified as a "Governance Committee".


01-09-2013 (PDF) 01-31-2013 (PDF) 02-21-2013 (PDF)
04-04-2013 (PDF) 04-24-2013 (PDF) 11-07-2013 (PDF)
12-03-2013 (PDF) 01-14-2014 (PDF) 02-11-2014 (PDF)
03-11-2014 (PDF) 03-25-2014 (PDF) 04-15-2014 (PDF)
10-02-2014 (PDF) 11-13-2014 (PDF) 12-04-2014 (PDF)
01-26-2015 (PDF) 02-25-2015 (PDF) 02-27-2015 (PDF)
03-04-2015 (PDF)    

Year-End Reports

2012-2013 (PDF)
2013-2014 (PDF)
Budget Report 2015 (PDF)

Committee minutes and year-end reports are in PDF and are listed for the current year only. For previous meeting minutes and year-end reports, contact Joyce Moore.

Resource Committee

Contact Information

Joyce Moore, Office of the President
Shawnee State University
940 Second Street
Portsmouth, OH 45662

(740) 351-3542

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