Associate Degree Course Requirements

Course Title Hours Sequence Course PreReq
ADNR 1183 Fundamentals of Nursing 6 1st Semester BIOL1130; PSYC1101
ADNR 1114 Introduction to Nursing 3 1st Semester None
ADNR 1197 Transition to Registered Nursing (LPN/LVN only) 3 1st Semester LPN/LVN License
ADNR 1194 Nursing Care of Adults and Children I 6 2nd Semester ADNR1183; BIOL1131
ADNR 1254 Nursing Care of the Behavior Health Client 3 2nd Semester ADNR1183; BIOL1131; PSYC1130
ADNR 2253 Nursing Care of Childbearing Families 3 3rd Semester ADNR1194; BIOL3750; PSYC1130
ADNR 2205 Nursing Care of Adults and Children II 6 3rd Semester ADNR1194; PSYC1130; CHEM1121; SOCI1102
ADNR 2225 Current Issues in Nursing 2 4th Semester ADNR2284; ENGL1105
ADNR 2284 Nursing Care of Adults and Children III 6 4th Semester ADNR2205; ENGL1105
ADNR 2299 Nursing Special Topics 1-3 By Arrangement Permission

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