Art History Minor

The art history minor requires students to complete seven art history courses. The selection of courses helps provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and social context in which the arts have developed throughout history. The minor fosters critical thinking and scholarship while preparing students for success across academic disciplines. Only nine hours of the minor may be counted toward the major.


21 Semester Hours Total

Art History Core

Complete all courses.

ARTH 2211 Art History Survey 1 3
ARTH 2212 Art History Survey 2 3

Art History Electives

Complete five courses 3000 and above (note that other courses not listed may be available as offered):

ARTH 3331 History of Ceramics 3
ARTH 3332 History of Photography 3
ARTH 3333 History of Art and Technology 3
ARTH 3366 Non-Western Survey 3
ARTH 3367 Women in the Arts 3
ARTH 3451 Renaissance Art History 3
ARTH 3453 Baroque and Rococo Art 3
ARTH 3454 North American Art 3
ARTH 3455 Nineteenth Century Art 3
ARTH 3456 Twentieth Century Art 3
ARTH 3457 Contemporary Art 3

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