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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Concentration in Health Care Administration

The bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in health care administration helps prepare you for a career in the health care industry. Graduates of the program find employment as health service managers with various organizations, including hospitals, clinics, health maintenance organizations, and nursing homes. In addition, the program provides excellent preparation for graduate study in business or health administration.

Students electing to follow the extended care track are eligible to take the State and Federal Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Exam upon graduation.

Extended care track students are required to complete a total of 800 on-site hours in a nursing home using either BUHE 3890 or 4685 . All on-site hours must be approved by the department chair.


The Health Care Administration program has now earned a dual accreditation status: State accreditation through BENHA (The Ohio Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators) and National Academic accreditation through the NAB (The National Accreditation Board for Nursing Home Administrators.) This enables Shawnee Long Term Care students to graduate from a nationally accredited program. Students who complete the bachelor of science in business administration degree with a concentration in health management can sit for the state and national nursing home administration exams. BENHA approves programs whose curriculum provides the content and practical experience necessary for a student to gain the competencies to be a successful licensed nursing home administrator. The program at Shawnee State University is the only business degree program in Ohio with this accreditation.

Career Opportunities

Students choosing the long-term care track in the health care administration program at Shawnee State are entering a challenging and growing career field. As the population grows older, the needs of the elderly are becoming greater.

Graduates with this degree are competent to manage and work in home health, assisted living, and other health facilities designed to care for the elderly.

For students interested in primary care, the health care administration program offers an acute care track which focuses on management and administrative careers in hospitals, clinics, and managed care. There is also a growing need for individuals to work in these types of facilities.

The health care administration program offers a solid business base with courses specific in health care management and provides the graduate a variety of employment opportunities in the rapidly changing health care environment. This program also provides the necessary courses in preparation for graduate school.

Class Scheduling

Health care administration courses are offered late in the afternoon and in the evening to accommodate the working professional.

Future plans for this program include offering courses for distant learners through out the tri-state area using the latest in electronic media. For further information contact:

Jerry M. McCoy, BSED, MHSA, LNHA
Associate Professor
Health Care Administration Program Director
Department of Business Administration
Kricker Hall Room 121
Extention 3605

Degree Requirements

GEP 31
Required Non-Business Courses 12
Business Core Courses 33
Non Business 12
Healthcare Management 42
Other Electives 9
Minimum hours required: 129

Business Core Courses (Total of 33 hours )

Course Title Hours
BUAC 2010 Financial Accounting Principles 3
BUAC 2030 Managerial Accounting Principles 3
BUIS 1010 Computer Applications 3
BUFI 3450 Managerial Finance 3
BULW 2700 Legal Environment of Business 3
BUMG 2900 Professional Comm. 3
BUMG 3100 Management Principles 3
BUMG 3550 Quantitative Methods in Business 3
BUMG 3850 Production/Operations Management 3
BUMG 4850 Business Policy/Strategy 3
BUMK 3100 Marketing Principles 3

Required Non-Business Courses (Total of 12 hours )

Course Title Hours
ECON 2201 Principle of Microeconomics 3
ECON 2202 Principle of Macroeconomics 3
MATH 1500 Principles of Statistics 3
MATH 1700 Applied Finite Mathematics 3

Health Care Administration Concentration (Total of 42 Hours )

Course Title Hours
BUAC 3030 Accounting App. for Management Decisions 3
BUHE 3000 Medical Term. For Health Managers 3
BUHE 3100 Orientation to Health Care Mgt. 3
BUHE 3120 Health Care Personnel Management 3
BUHE 3890 Practicum 3
BUHE 4100 Patient Care Issues in Long-Term Health Care Facilities 3
BUHE 4150 Admin. In Acute Care Facilities 3
BUHE 4110 Admin. In Extended Health Care Facilities 3
BUHE 4160 Mgt. Issues in Acute Care Facilities 3
BUHE 4200 Problems & Policies in Health Care Mgt. 3
BUHE 4300 Health Care Finance & Reimbursement 3
BUHE 4685 Internship in Extended Care Facilities (or) 4
BUHE 4585 Internship in Acute Care Facilities
ETCO 2225 Occupational Safety & Health Mgt. 3
GEOG 3310 Medical Geography: Geography of Life & Death 3
PSYC 3130 Psychology of the Adult 3
PSYC 3131 Death & Dying 3

Elective Courses (Total of 9 Electives)

Although electives may be chosen from the broad spectrum of university courses, you may choose to take your electives from other health management courses. )

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