Earning a college degree puts you on track to earning $1 million more over your career.

In fact, the median yearly income gap between high school graduates and college graduates is around $17,500.

It could cost you more not to go to college.

A recent economic impact study shows that for every $1 you invest in your education at Shawnee State, you receive a cumulative return of $4.70 in higher future earnings.

That’s based on a study of alumni who are now using their Shawnee State degrees in communities all over the state, region, nation, and world.

That’s a 14.5% annual return on investment.



Lowest tuition ratesCollege is a good investment.
Shawnee State is an even better one.

Shawnee State offers one of the best values for your education dollar.

We have one of the lowest tuition rates in Ohio — and offer in-state tuition to qualifying students in Kentucky, West Virginia, and states participating in the Midwest Student Exchange Program.

We take affordability further than low tuition.

Our Shawnee State Advantage tuition guarantee program locks in the cost of your tuition, fees, meals and housing for four years — allowing you and your family to plan and budget.

Through expanded scholarships, we provided nearly $4 million in additional student aid last year to help more students go to college.

Nationally ranked Game Design ProgramValue isn’t just about cost. It’s about how well your education prepares you for your career.

Luckily, Shawnee State has you covered on both ends — combining quality with affordability.

Shawnee State is nationally-ranked in Game Design (9 years in a row).

Shawnee State is recognized throughout the region for Plastics Engineering Technology, Nursing, Arts & Sciences, and Health Profession degrees.

Many of our programs — including health professions, teacher education, and plastics — have 100% job placement after graduation.

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