Tonianne Carpenter is an alumna of the radiology technician program where she received an associate degree and earned a job working as a radiological technician with a company that has a great reputation. She credits her success to the program at Shawnee State University and how involved her professors were in making sure their students do well. Tonianne enjoyed being able to not only go to school full time, but also work full time and make new friends along the way.  

“I liked that I left the program feeling more than prepared. The professors are really great. They did a lot of work with us; they really wanted to see us succeed and that was really nice.” 

Tonianne is the first in her immediate family to graduate with a college degree, so she feels that the experience was one of pride and accomplishment. In the future, she hopes to earn her bachelor’s degree and work in either an administrative position or be an educator for radiology. The program at Shawnee State allowed her to have physical experience within her work environment in local hospitals performing clinical hours as well as taking the time to learn important information in the classroom. Her advice to students is to buckle down now and do it, so that you don’t wish you would’ve done it later.  

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