Sydney Robinson grew up in rural southeastern Ohio and always assumed she would attend the largest state university in the region. She pursued psychology for a couple of years before concluding she wanted something that was more hands-on, more creative in a challenging field. 

“What led me to plastics was the opportunity and potential I saw in it,” she said. “Once I got into plastics, I started working with CADD (computer aided drafting and design) and that’s when I declared a double major.” 

Sydney found that Shawnee’s prestigious plastics program was just the right fit for her in a great learning environment. “I was attracted to Shawnee because of this plastics program and it was a smaller school. There is more opportunity to get to know your professors and it’s a little more homey. That was a big draw for me to come to Shawnee.” 

Sydney has found a great support system with the university.  

“The professors made it so great, and all of the people in plastics itself. I’m very comfortable with everybody here. I feel like I can go up to professors and I’m not bothering them. They’re very approachable and they’re very willing to help their students out. That really helps students be successful within a program.” 

Her Shawnee experience has inspired Sydney to pursue a higher degree in industrial systems engineering after she finished her work at SSU.